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Hello good folk,
and yes, you are good folk indeed. Judging from the comments I read on the journal pages, there are many warm and intelligent people tuning in, with the exception of you, Ingrid Birtwhistle. Your mocking of my prominent and asymmetric nose is uncalled for!

Spirit of The Stairs seemed to get a lot of requests, so I’m throwing that one at you. I’ll keep this up over the next few weeks. It’s fun to relearn these songs, it feels like it’s good for my brain plasticity. I find it quite mysterious how they came about in the first place and in some cases even more mysterious that they didn’t make albums, as they stand up quite well now compared to some of the shit we did. Thanks for reminding me.


I am also including a wee video that dropped into my inbox today, a reminder of how small victories with neighbours can make the day feel that much better.

I have been checking out news sources that you recommended and have found some good ones. Slow news as a concept does exist as I thought it would. I was already aware of great journalists like Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, many shows on NPR, ABC and SBS (Australia), RNZ, but have also enjoyed exploring these sites I was unaware of:

All Sides - media bias ratings
The Conversation
Media Bias / Fact Check
Delayed Gratification - The Slow Journalism Magazine

I recognise that many of these outlets veer towards the left but they do maintain an in-depth approach and mostly balanced commentary. David Brooks has a more conservative view and good things to say in the New York Times and the Shields and Brooks show on PBS NewsHour. The Economist is a good conservative source too but you have to pay for it.

Looking back through my tweets, I must admit I was in better form early on and might throw a few of them at you from time to time. One of them from 6 years ago was like a strange lateral premonition.

On that note, perhaps you might want to subscribe to Mindful Resistance. He has some good perspective on that guy.

OK, I’ll leave you with those thoughts ….go well