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Amore Ricardo

A special Fangradio session to honour Ricardo Finn, around 8 pm Saturday night NZ time. That’s 8 am U.K. Sat morning. I will be answering questions and doing requests via Skype but also spinning some of my father’s favourite songs…

Don’t miss it !


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I’m back in Auckland for a few weeks after a joyous experience touring Australia and NZ with up and coming band Fleetwood Mac. I think we hit some great heights as a band and I was overwhelmed by the warm reception I received from the home audiences. Thank you one and all!!!

I don’t sleep very well on tour, sometimes needing sleeping pills for assistance. They are comforting to a degree but leave me feeling a bit prickly and discombobulated after a few days. I drift around in a less than optimum state for the afternoon and then luckily by showtime my equilibrium is restored and neuron pathways all clear. This show requires a different kind of concentration to my own shows. I feel the importance and real worth of being a cog in the wheel where details and nuance really matter. Perhaps theatre actors feel the same dedication to the repetitive form of the show and can find pleasure in the interlocking strength of the ensemble when everyone is focused. I do have the odd overwhelming compulsion to go rogue but that will have to wait till next year.

Fangradio has started well. I have made some discoveries and enjoyed the process. I think I will do a request session for my next one so you can Skype with a question and request. The show will be called Requestion of course. I’ll give you a little warning in the next few days. I think I might make it an evening session here in NZ so that the U.K. and Europe can listen live in their morning.

Parting thought... Every grown up that mocks Greta Thunberg is, without exception, a complete moron.

Stay tuned


Medicated flowers

Hi people,

Since I last wrote, I have had 2 lengthy Fangradio sessions with some of you. Mixlr has proved to be a pretty great format to do the one man operation, enabling me to lean into my laptop and make things up as I go along. I intend to keep up the broadcasts (some may term them podcasts but I never liked that term, nor blog nor selfie nor hashtag nor meme for that matter). I’ve enjoyed the Skype calls - works well to ask questions (about anything) and "keep it short” is the key (as Peggy Dawson once said). Seems like within this format is the potential for me to stay connected to you, have some back and forth and provide some entertainment and subversion (on good days).

I’ll have some time over the weekend to get a new Fangradio session going. I’ll try to give you some kind of warning.

I don’t miss Twitter or Instagram and I never did Facebook anyway. I know some good stuff gets posted on those platforms and I’m missing out on a few things, I guess, but I’m happy to have a bit more time to daydream and think about family and music.

Here’s a thought to consider. I’ve been noticing there’s a few singers out there who sound very tired, are mangling their vowels and even seem to have trouble finishing off their words. I’m wondering whether this has anything to do with the proliferation of pharmaceutical opiates? Perhaps they are just playing to a whole new “stoned” audience. There are some strange affectations around. I may do a review of contemporary singing styles in my next show as well as flowers.

Stay tuned and thanks to everyone……. except you Cyril Rathbone.


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