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5th November 2019:
Neil’s most recent Fangradio broadcast from 5th November, chocka full of home and studio demos from Neil Finn, Finn Brothers and Crowded House, is archived on the Fangradio page.

2nd November 2019:
Photos from Neil’s early Enz days have been added to Nilfun.

13th October 2019:
Fangradio had its biggest audience yet last night, Auckland time, with Neil’s special “Amore Ricardo” broadcast. The first half was replayed this morning and is archived now on Fangradio.

10th October 2019:
Neil paid tribute today to his father Richard, who died on Sunday.
The next Fangradio show on Saturday October 12th will be dedicated to him.

3rd October 2019:
Neil Finn's collaboration with Todd Rundgren is included in Todd's NTS online radio programme. Hear the unreleased song "Artist In Residence" at the 22'22" mark.

Fleetwood Mac’s final concert of the 2018-2019 World Tour will be on November 16th in Las Vegas, NV at T-Mobile Arena! Tickets go on sale Friday, October 11th at 10am PT.

“The Diary” news entries from 2012-2015 have been restored and added to the bottom of this page. We’ve also resurrected one of Neil’s posts from nilfun in 2001.

1st October 2019:
More items from the archive have been added to Nilfun, including the home demo of “One Step Ahead”.

29th September 2019:
The Videos menu has been redesigned for quicker access to videos.

26th September 2019:
Neil’s latest newsletter is here: REQUESTION

21st September 2019:
Crowded House at Bluesfest Byron Bay, Sunday April 12th: Limited number of Open Day Tickets on sale now

20th September 2019:
Video from percussionist Taku Hirano, showing the warm welcome Neil’s been getting on the NZ shows. This was the 4th night in Auckland:

19th September 2019:
Neil Finn’s Fleetwood Mac guitar rig tour with Marcus Catanzaro

13th September 2019:
Fleetwood Mac played the first of five New Zealand shows last night. RNZ published a review today and a pro-shot video of “I Got You”. UPDATE: See video of “The Chain” on The NZ Herald. To see the video on a mobile device, open the link in a browser, eg Safari.

Click here for photos by Megan Moss and Libel Music,

7th September 2019:
A 2006 remake of Jenny Morris’s “You I Know”, written by Neil, has been added to the site.

1st September 2019:
Fangradio was broadcast from Melbourne today. Listen back on the Fangradio page.

29th August 2019:
Medicated flowers, Neil’s latest newsletter, is online now.

23rd August 2019:

Fangradio will broadcast live today at 3pm Brisbane time. Neil is streaming music until then. More details on the Fangradio page.

21st August 2019:
More items have been added to NilFun.

18th August 2019:
Yesterday’s first official Fangradio broadcast has been archived on the Fangradio page.

16th August 2019:
The first Fangradio live audio steam will be broadcast on Saturday 17th August at about 11am, Sydney time (1am GMT). Use the Time and Date converter link here. If you sign up to Mixlr (for free) and click Fangradio’s follow button, you’ll get an alert when Neil’s live on air. You can hear an archived test run from Friday on his Showreel and on this site’s Fangradio page.

14th August 2019:
Crowded House returns to the stage at the Byron Bay Bluesfestival on Sunday 12th April 2020.

11th August 2019:
Fangradio is coming! New journal post from Neil and Fangradio page added.

9th August 2019:
Read Neil’s tribute to the late Ian Magan and hear Split Enz co-hosting a one hour radio broadcast with Ian in 1982.

27th July 2019:
New journal post and email newsletter from Neil: Holiday musing - caught in a trap

17th July 2019:
The video of ”She Will Have Her Way” from the Spotify Sessions in 2014 has been added to the Videos page.

12th July 2019:
The Very Very Best of Crowded House was released around the world on double vinyl today, except in Canada and the US, where it has been delayed to August 2nd.
More musical games have been added to Nilfun.

1st July 2019:
Neil talks about joining and playing in Fleetwood Mac in TVNZ’s Sunday. He also spoke to 7’s Sunday Night.

25th June 2019:
RNZ's recording of Neil Finn and the APO at the 2018 Auckland Arts Festival has won the Gold Award for Best Live Sound in the New York Festivals Radio Awards!

18th June 2019:
New Journal post and newsletter from Neil: Glass Half Empty.
The Ninees link and “Sew” animation added to Nilfun.

14th June 2019:
Elroy’s video for “Excite Me Much” is online now.

11th June 2019:
New journal post and newsletter from Neil: Walls, Tunnels and all the Rest.

8th June 2019:
’The Very Very Best of Crowded House’ will be available on vinyl for the first time on 12th July. Pre-order here. Limited edition orange vinyl will also be available at key physical retailers across the globe. More information here.

29th May 2019:
Elroy’s album launch is tonight and Neil celebrates in his latest journal post/newsletter.
Elroy’s monsta animations from 2000 have been unearthed and added to NilFun.

19th May 2019:
Split Enz and Crowded House were featured in Episode 4 of Anthems on Prime TV in NZ. Focusing on international hit songs, the programme looked at “I See Red”, “I Got You” and “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.

18th May 2019:
Graffiti and Feedback animations added to Nilfun.
Neil’s latest email newsletter/journal entry is The Game of Small Gains.

15th May 2019:
Here’s an excerpt from Prime TV’s Anthems: NZ’s Iconic Hits, featuring Split Enz and new interviews with Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Eddie Rayner and Noel Crombie.

14th May 2019:
Neil & Liam Finn’s ”Meet Me In The Air” video had its world premiere.

10th May 2019:
Rest in Peace, Malcolm Black.

7th May 2019:
”Hands” and “m10” have been added to Nilfun.

5th May 2019:
Neil appeared on NZ’s Prime TV in episode 2 of “Anthems”, talking about the song, “History Never Repeats.” Tim Finn, Noel Crombie and Eddie Rayner were also interviewed. (Video on link might not be viewable outside of NZ due to international rights restrictions.)

29th April 2019:
Fleetwood Mac have added a fourth date to the Auckland shows: Saturday 14th September.

26th April 2019:
Sew and pohutukawa animation added to Nilfun.
New journal entry published, with performance video: Keep It Coming.

19th April 2019:
Rescheduled Fleetwood Mac dates for United States and Canada have been added to the Live page.

18th April 2019:
Elevator and dance animation added to nilfun,
New journal entry published, with performance video: Forgotten Gems, Deep Cuts.

9th April 2019:
New journal entry published: Backwards and forwards.
Nilfun page added.

8th April 2019:
Due to illness, Fleetwood Mac has postponed four upcoming North American tour dates and their performance at Jazz Fest on May 2.

4th April 2019:
Fleetwood Mac added to the 50th Anniversary New Orleans Jazz Fest lineup on Thursday, May 2. Visit  for tickets and information.

1st April 2019:
Happy birthday to Richard Finn, 97 today.
New Journal entry published: Waiting For News.

30th March 2019:
Tour manager and music photographer Ian Jorgensen spoke to RNZ’s Noelle McCarthy today about Neil & Liam’s “Where’s My Room” 2018 NZ tour and book.

27th March 2019:
Neil has published The First Post in the Journal. And Happy 100th Birthday to Jim Carter!


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