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Fond farewell to the best boy rider in Te Rore
Richard George Finn 1922- 2019 RIP

Amore Ricardo: A special Fangradio session to honour Ricardo Finn was broadcast on Saturday October 12th and is archived on the Fangradio page.

Welcome to Many of you will be aware that I have decided to disengage from social media. However, I will continue to engage with the people who support my music. My relationship with you the audience is precious and I am eternally grateful for the level of passion and support that exists for my work. It inspires me to do better music and to keep it coming.

I am going to make this website the hub for increased personal communication and activity, including a regular newsletter which I will write and do postings for new music, photos, video pieces and news of live shows as well as links to people and ideas that interest me. 

You can sign up below to receive regular email newsletters from me. 

We won’t let them win.


OUT NOW for the first time on vinyl: The Very Very Best of Crowded House.
I am very pleased to have this vinyl offering for you. All the top tracks sounding big on the bottom, crisp on top. Hope you enjoy placing the needle on this beauty. - Neil Finn.