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Forgotten Gems, Deep Cuts

I have obscure songs, deep cuts that are largely… no, hang on... comprehensively ignored by the gatekeepers, arbiters of public interest, and will never appear in an end of year "best of" list, but some of you are passionately attached to, bless your cotton socks. I get requests for them on stage and off stage. I am rarely if ever prepared enough to do them justice.

But now in my new once a week mode, I am tempted to delve into the beautiful obscurities and give them some love. I will start with one about our dear old dog Lester that gets requested quite often.

You will have ideas I’m sure, so throw them my way and I’ll try to render them with some affection and respect for an idea that once saw the light of day (many didn’t.)

I’m intent on making parameters and conditions that I will be able to live up to and not leave us all with a sinking feeling that I promised much and couldn’t deliver.

So, less words this week and a little music to get the ball rolling.

Love you all