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Tiny Ruins video made by Neil

Tiny Ruins joined Neil Finn’s “Dizzy Heights” tour in Europe as support artist and musician in Neil’s band. The video “Me At The Museum, You In The Wintergardens” premiered today on NPR and was shot and edited by Neil.

Music site cheeseontoast includes this statement from Neil:
”I’ve been enjoying making little films and was carrying a Pelican case with me on the road, setting up for editing in hotel rooms and the back of the bus. One night I discovered a few images which seemed to suit the atmosphere of this song, so just started making a video without even being asked. The next day I asked her if I could film her singing it at soundcheck and in the show and placed these images left and right. I like the way her hair is crumpled for soundcheck and all smoothed out at the show. I’m glad Hollie likes it and wants people to see it but I would have been happy just making it anyway.”