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Twice If You’re Lucky – Live At Leigh (video)

The final track we’re presenting from the special Leigh Sawmill Cafe concerts in 2008 is an early version of “Twice If You’re Lucky”. Crowded House had just begun working on the Intriguer album and took the weekend off to perform three intimate gigs, showcasing the new works-in-progress. You can hear all four songs in the rarities collection The Kitchen Sink II.

“Twice If You’re Lucky”, recorded on Sunday February 24th, 2008, was also caught on fan-cam.

Neil Finn: vocals and guitar
Nick Seymour: bass
Mark Hart: guitar
Matt Sherrod: drums
Don McGlashan: euphonium
Eddie Rayner: keyboard

Thank you to Luke Marlow for locating the video. Special thanks too to Carolyn Koob.