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Everyone Is Here – fans’ stories about Neil Finn

An update from our friends on the “Everyone Is Here” Facebook page about their book project, filled with your stories about Neil Finn.

Dear friends,
You have probably been wondering what has been going on with our book. Well, here is an update! But please bear in mind that this really is a labour of love, and that we all have families and full-time jobs to take care of. At the moment, we are going through our first selection round, which we hope to have finished by the end of the year. But we are pretty sure that a few more rounds will have to follow, because of the variety of the stories and of the subjects of the stories. We are also working on copyright issues that may arise from using Neil’s lyrics and song titles. But , as we said, we are definitely working on it, and we aim to contact each of you before the end of the year. Some stories are absolutely great as they are, but we also have to follow up on quite a number of them. Either way, we will let you know. Talk later!

Team EIH : Suzanne, Rene, Cindy