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Hi there,

This week I will enthuse about an album of beautiful songs that was created by our son Elroy and is released on Friday. Somehow I must steer a course between natural pride and admiration for what Elroy has achieved and not overdo the praise to the point of embarrassment. Let me just say that I do truly marvel at the unique textures, chords and melodies that grace his record. It's a really deep album with mysterious and alluring atmosphere. I love it and I think you might enjoy it too.

Elroy is launching his record tonight at Neck Of The Woods in K Rd, Auckland, with a wonderful 6 piece band. I know it will be a brilliant show (I heard them rehearsing) and I dearly wish I could be there but alas we are in LA.

Sharon, Liam and I have performed a cover of one of Elroy’s beautiful songs, “Worth The Wait“, in honour of the occasion.

I’ll embed his new video here next week (EDIT: It’s here now. See below.) I am also including links to the album stream for your listening pleasure: iTunes/Apple Music , Spotify, and Bandcamp.

…...Oh, and a random incident, half time at the Aria Music Awards 2016.