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We’ve resurrected a few items from Neil’s original Nilfun website from the turn of the millennium. Designed by Rakai Karaitiana with Neil, the site featured ”Musical games, art pieces, curious bits of nostalgia and flights of fancy…”


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(Latest update: 1st October 2019)


Descend into the id.

The id is a place where insight and nonsense are both embraced. Fleeting impressions, half baked notions, vanities, paranoias, inspiration and anxieties. It’s all here.








Selections from Neil Finn's Nilfun webcasts in the former Roundhead basement, 17th January, 10th April and 13th November 2001. Flash not required. First video starts 9 seconds in.


The official music video for "Rest Of The Day Off" by Neil Finn. From the album One Nil. aka One All. Video directed by Grant Gee.