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The First Post

Baltimore is breathing

As I have removed myself from social media for the foreseeable future, I aim to find a few new things to throw at you on here. Hopefully my words will flow free and I can string together thoughts of more than 280 characters, remember a few good things that happened today or yesterday, show you some panoramic images and short movies, fast corridors with surprise endings. There’s a world of creative process and remarkable people out there that I hope to discover.

I have an uneasy feeling about social media and the way it affords cover and encouragement for cowards and creeps and this has just led me to the decision not to participate anymore. I am hoping for space to reflect and create good things. 

Back on the laptop now I’m writing emails to you, it’s old school and I can see the keyboard properly with my failing eyesight. It might take a while to get my flow going but don’t give up on me.

Thanks for reading