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Forgotten Gems, Deep Cuts

I have obscure songs, deep cuts that are largely… no, hang on... comprehensively ignored by the gatekeepers, arbiters of public interest, and will never appear in an end of year "best of" list, but some of you are passionately attached to, bless your cotton socks. I get requests for them on stage and off stage. I am rarely if ever prepared enough to do them justice.

But now in my new once a week mode, I am tempted to delve into the beautiful obscurities and give them some love. I will start with one about our dear old dog Lester that gets requested quite often.

You will have ideas I’m sure, so throw them my way and I’ll try to render them with some affection and respect for an idea that once saw the light of day (many didn’t.)

I’m intent on making parameters and conditions that I will be able to live up to and not leave us all with a sinking feeling that I promised much and couldn’t deliver.

So, less words this week and a little music to get the ball rolling.

Love you all


Backwards and forwards

A lot has happened in this last week. Unfortunately, we have had to postpone shows which no one in Fleetwood Mac would ever take lightly. It’s very upsetting, but good health is the most important thing and the music can’t keep happening without it. Sorry to all of you who were making plans to be there. We will make it up to you. 

So much wonderful response to my last post about the news. I wrote replies to many of you on the comments section, does that work, did you find my replies? I couldn’t respond to everybody but so appreciate how much thought you put into it. I am looking at the sources you suggested, might have a few links on the site once I have found the good oil. 

I do like George Monbiot in The Guardian, unflinching in his values and managing to portray our planet’s existential dilemma without hopelessness. 

I wasn’t really suggesting we ban cars, just wanted to show you how good I look on a horse (35 years ago!) 

More to come on that front…… meanwhile……

Back in 2001, I developed a website called NilFun. Rakai Karaitiana was the talented designer who helped me make some fun ideas happen. Most of the interactive pieces he did in Flash, which was a problem for some viewers, but there were some really interesting and humorous things on the site, musical games, audio visual artworks. Aside from these, we also did several webcasts from my basement - an hour or two of unscripted music and chat and lots of laughs with friends manning cameras. People were emailing in from around the world: “I’m in Stockholm, it’s 3am and snowing outside, watching you and loving it.”

Although that website had a limited lifespan, it was always my intention to use some of the experience we gathered to fashion a new and better place for people to come and explore and share music, visual treats and ideas. I have kept my fascination with live streaming well fed most recently with the album Out Of Silence, but as for the bigger picture, somehow life kept throwing (mostly good) distractions in my way and I let things lie for many years.

But now with more focus and space to think, I am hoping some of these threads can be picked up. In the meantime, I am giving you links to a sample page of NILFUN goodies to explore and directions for how these will work on which browsers. Some of you may have trouble getting these pieces to work, so apologies in advance It took me couple of days on my laptop to open up the work.

Take a look if you can. There was a video for the song Rest Of The Day Off from around the same time that shows me on the computer interacting with the website, and a great shot of me swinging our dog Milla round with a piece of seaweed on the beach.

Have Fun


The First Post

Baltimore is breathing

As I have removed myself from social media for the foreseeable future, I aim to find a few new things to throw at you on here. Hopefully my words will flow free and I can string together thoughts of more than 280 characters, remember a few good things that happened today or yesterday, show you some panoramic images and short movies, fast corridors with surprise endings. There’s a world of creative process and remarkable people out there that I hope to discover.

I have an uneasy feeling about social media and the way it affords cover and encouragement for cowards and creeps and this has just led me to the decision not to participate anymore. I am hoping for space to reflect and create good things. 

Back on the laptop now I’m writing emails to you, it’s old school and I can see the keyboard properly with my failing eyesight. It might take a while to get my flow going but don’t give up on me.

Thanks for reading